Nutritional Intake For College Students

How Does Nutrition Affect Stress?

Nutrition is incredibly important towards stress reduction and having a clear mind. Our brain requires a certain amount of micronutrients and macronutrients in order to function properly. 

Average Costs for Food as a College Student 

Most college students are too busy working on their academics to have regard to their own nutrition and budget on meals. Meal plan's and going out can be quite expensive. Average costs for a college meal plan is $4500 and the typical college student will spend around $367 per month on food. Click the"Making Changes" tab above to learn more about how to budget your meals through the semester and check out the meal preparation tutorial.

Caffeine Use in College

A survey conducted on U.S. college campuses in 2019 by Caroline R. Mahoney found that at least 92% of college students consume some sort of caffeine throughout week. The most common form of caffeinated beverage is coffee.